MEMO rooms reloaded!

Hello everybody! August is about to end and we’ve been working so much the last 2 months for all the new and amazing things we want to offer you in the hotel for the upcoming season.

We’re about to re open our doors in September, and we just want to show you the new deco for our rooms. They look lovely and cozy!

Let me know what you think!


Ale Romo – Wellness Manager MEMO

DELUXE rooms with jungle views
Details of our fabrics
Amazing bathroom in DELUXE room
Lovely cushions
View from the bed from one of our DELUXE rooms
Comfortable bed in DELUXE room
Bathroom in DELUXE
Another view of our DELUXE room with ocean views
STANDARD rooms, are simple yet big and beautiful
Every room has a different deco
All rooms have King size beds
This room is amazing in STANDARD rooms
The light is really beautiful. STANDARD room
Views from one of our DELUXE rooms

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