Where to surf while you stay at MEMO?

A lot of people ask about the surfing spots around our hotel, and how easy is to reach them.

As a surfer, one of the things I love the most about our hotel, is the privileged location it has.

Being only 2 minutes to the beach (basically just crossing the street), our location is perfect positioned, just right in the middle of tons of surf spots to choose from. From beginners, longboarding ones, to heavy reefs and very advanced ones, the number of choices are amazing, only within 5 to 20 minutes.

As I said, just crossing the street, you can find “The Rock”, for experienced surfers. The reef here is very sharp, so better to be careful.

If you’re not that experienced, going a bit further towards Ahangama, and only a few minutes walking, you can find a long stretch of beach called Kabalana beach, really good for any levels. Plus this beach is absolutely stunning at sunset, so you can’t be wrong spending your days here.

From Ahangama going north/west the spots are:

  • Kogalla/Kabalana – ‘The Rock’ – Left (reef-coral break) – Experienced surfers. Right in front of Kabalana Hotel.
  • Wijaya Beach – Left and Right (reef-coral break). The spot is right in front of Wijaya Beach Restaurant.
  • Dewella – Left and Right (reef-coral break)
  • Hikkaduwa – Left and Right (reef-coral)

From Ahangama going south/east the spots are:

  • Midigama – Left (point break) – Experienced surfers.
  • Midigama – Right (reef-rocky break) – Experienced surfers
  • Plantations – Right and Left (reefy-rocky break) – Experienced surfers.
  • Weligama – Right and Left (beach break) – Beginners.
  • Mirissa – Right (reef, coral break with lots of sea urchins).

Guys, these are just a few of the spots you can reach out from our hotel, but there’s innumerable more. Let us know how can we help you to organize your trip. We are surfers & yogis, so even we can go for a surf when you visit us! It will be our pleasure.


Ale Romo- Wellness Manager MEMO.

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