How is to live in a tropical island…

Life in a tropical island…
Some people ask me how is it to live in Sri Lanka, and much more people send me comments as “oh, you’re living the dream, Ale”.

Yes, living in the tropics means a lot of beautiful sunsets, green lush everywhere you see, living a more simple life, surf tons and basically wear a short all year long.

It is a dream life because yes, I follow my dreams and I just basically give it a go to a lot of things I feel passionate about.
So in those therms, I choose consciously what I’d like to experiment in my life and I’ve been taking my body to wherever I feel I need for my growth.

On the other hand, for people like us who likes to experiment different cultures and people, it can also be extremely draining to have to constantly move you and your things, to adapt all the time your diet to new places, to don’t loose track on the good daily habits, and to meet new people all the time repeating your story one million times.
My goal is always to thrive with people that keeps me high on energy and that makes me see the world in a total different way.
Well, that saying of ” your vibe follows your tribe” as true as it is; sometimes it really takes a lot of time and commitment to a place. Of course I want to share my energy with somebody nurturing; but other times I just don’t want to eat by myself, you know?!

There’s a lot of struggles in this kind of life some of us chose and we have to bear by our own. Not because we can’t call a friend or family, but sometimes is just as simple as timezones don’t work with you or your needs when most needed.

This year I’ve been realizing my mission is to be able to find home anywhere I am. Because yeah, I need to. I owe this to myself…
For the moment Im finding home in meditation, yoga and surf. Food is also a big important part of this journey, but is being not very easy to be honest, so I try to adapt as much as I can and follow the healthy habits that works for me and my body.

I will keep you posted on my adventure in Sri Lanka; but if you’re a traveler like me, or just these words resonate with you; I’d love to know how is this process for you whatever you are. What are your struggles and the best parts of being out of your comfort zone???


Ale Romo. Wellness Manager MEMO.

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